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Music: JoJo – Mad Love


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JoJo pours her heart out on her new single “Mad Love.”The 25-year-old
songstress, who will (finally) be releasing a new album titled Mad Love
via Atlantic Records on Oct. 14, belts about an intense relationship
she can’t let go of.

 “You give me mad love/How far can we go? Nobody knows,” she sings.
“You give me bad love/But I’ll take what I get, I’m starvin’ for
it/Like I’ve never had love.”JoJo broke down the song’s meaning in an
interview with Vogue, saying, “In the beginning of the year, when I
started on this album, I got into the studio while at the end of this
relationship that I wasn’t really able to let go of, and “Mad Love” is a
product of talking about that. Sometimes the emotions are so strong
that you stay in it because it’s so exhilarating.”

The LP’s title track follows her Wiz Khalifa collaboration “Fuck
Apologies.”Her third studio set, the follow-up to 2006’s The High Road,,
comes after years of her being stuck in label limbo, dotted with two
mixtapes and a pair of EPs that dropped in 2014 and 2015.

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