JID & Kenny Mason – Just In Time ft. Lil Wayne

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  • Artist(s) Name: JID
  • Featuring: Kenny Mason & Lil Wayne
  • Song Name: Just In Time
  • Album: The Forever Story
  • Produced By: Christo & ​monte booker
  • Written By: Lil Wayne, JID, Kenny Mason, ​monte booker & Christo
  • Genre: Rap/Hiphop
  • Released Year: 2022
  • Source: Mixloaded.com

Destin Choice Route (born. October 31, 1990), better known by the stage name J.I.D, is an American rapper from Zone 6, Atlanta, Georgia. He describes himself as “a soft-spoken but intricate lyricist with a cocky side.” His stage name originates from “jittery,” his grandmother’s nickname for him due to his sporadic behavior as a child, and this time, he Embark on his music career to release this whooping track titled “Just In Time featuring Kenny Mason & Lil Wayne” which is here for your pleasing audience and Free MP3 Download on our platform, Mixloaded.com.

in Additionally, this classic entry (Just In Time), is taken from JID new studio album titled “The Forever Story”. And it is the 12th song of the album. However, the beautiful melody was released on August 26, 2022. Credited & Produced By Christo & ​monte booker and Written By Lil Wayne, JID, Kenny Mason, ​monte booker & Christo

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JID & Kenny Mason – Just In Time ft. Lil Wayne Lyrics

[Chorus: Kenny Mason]
Woke up at six (Six), pray to a .9 (.9)
Twelve (Twelve), was already runnin’ from twelve, a nigga was flyin’
Ayy, I got the time today, bitch, I got the time
Ayy, I got the time today, bitch, I got the time (Time)

[Verse 1: JID & Kenny Mason]
Time is of the essence, I’m progressively improvin’
Impressive and I’m pressin’ if you second-guess my movements
First to the bullshit
Who tryna hang with me? I brought the nooses
I draw the stainless like you draw conclusions
It’s a ball of confusion
The writings on the wall was all illusion
You got the drip, but that shit all pollution
I shot the clip and had another for the audible
All the bullshit aside, boy, I got plenty time
I’ve been ready for whatever, anytime
From a city where niggas on killin’ time
In your pockets for nickels or penny, dimes
Nigga shot him, but, shit, he got minimized
We was livin’ by, Ma would go inside behind the window, hide
Fee-fi-fo, niggas slide
Tryna dodge bullets from a Dodge
God left when the winter came, then the summer died
Rain, rain, come another time
I’ll be rappin’ ’til I’m mummified
Tell your favorite rapper it’s pajama time
He a ugly bastard, but a son of mine
It’s over for you, but it’s underlined
I come before you with a humble mind
And a stomach growl, plus I smell foul
Takin’ big shits from the humble pies (Ayy, ayy, ayy)

[Chorus: Kenny Mason]
Woke up at six (Six), pray to a .9 (.9)
Twelve (Twelve), was already runnin’ from twelve, a nigga was flyin’
Ayy, I got the time today, bitch, I got the time
Ayy, I got the time today, bitch, I got the time (Time)
Aim at the moon, shoot up the sky (Sky)
2:45, bought two new .45s
Ayy, I got the time today, bitch, I got the time
Ayy, I got the time today, bitch, I got the time

[Post-Chorus: Lil Wayne]
Yeah, I got the time today, bitch, I got the time
I got the time today, bitch, uh

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Time is of the essence, I’m a blessin’ in Balenciaga
Diamonds are impressive, but their best friends are expensive drama
I was a perfection, no protection, I’m with and without it
“Why am I so reckless?” Is a question that don’t get responses
Tie ’em down, inspect ’em, disconnect ’em if there’s any power
Cowards talk excessive, piss-terine is what I rinse they mouth with
Tired of contestants, invest in the winner’s column
I’m so timeless, but I got plenty time
No science, but I got plenty slimes
More commas than a long sentence, slime
No problem to kill ’em, that’s killin’ time
I done did my time
But you know they still be tryna give me time ’til the end of time
Since the beginnin’ of time, I put in the time
And that’s all the time, that’s in time
Put it on the line ’til the finish line
Never crossed the line, stay within the lines
I don’t marginalize, I don’t sympathize
And if it’s on his mind, I help him decide
If that’s your homie’s side, then defend his side
Or we gon’ storm your side and then rinse you dry
That’s homicide, that’s genocide
I’m large in size, they minimized
I’m armed this time, can’t miss this time
I got time today, and you just in time, yeah

[Verse 3: JID]
I’m at the line of scrimmage, know the scrimmage line
With a large spliff, it’s decriminalized
I gotta party like the nigga on Timba’s side
He got a stick and a rod, he said “Get in the ride”
There’s no thinkin’ about it ’til the finish line
We got plenty time, we got plenty rhymes
Tell Tim’ and Swizz to hit the Insta’ Live
I put a milli’ on us vers’ anybody
That’s plenty dimes, niggas been advised
That’s a warnin’ sign, I just got into the game to gentrify
What’s a modern rapper to a renaissance?
Nigga, I’ll be snappin’ ’til the end of time (Time).


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