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Highly sensational South Korean girl group formed through the Mnet reality survival competition show Girls Planet 999 in 2021 and managed by Swing Entertainment and Wake One Entertainment. Known professionally as Kep1er (케플러), dropped an impressive song titled, “Up!“. which Mixloaded made available for free streaming & mp3 download.

Kep1er (케플러), has been on top of their game for so long, pushing to the top, and it shows on this track (Up!).

“Up!” introduces Kep1er’s fantasy of summer 2022 as the lead single from their second mini-album, DOUBLAST.

The song features a funky electronic-pop sound and smoothly mixes with the girl’s dreamy vocals. In the lyrics, Kep1er invite their partner to their imaginary magic island filled with fun and energizing surprises.

In the music video, the girls are shown enjoying their time on a majestic island where they camp and discover things. “Up!” showcases Kep1er’s cute visuals instead of the fierce tone used in their debut, “WA DA DA”.

The song is very catchy and will quickly grab your attention. As a music lover, The Sweet Melody is available here for free and fast download.

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Kep1er (케플러) – Up! Lyrics

[Intro: Yeseo]

[Verse 1: Chaehyun, Hikaru, Youngeun, Bahiyyih, Yeseo]
I do, I do, 오늘도 내일도
Don’t waste it (Na-na-na-na)
Don’t waste it (Always)
I’m good, I’m good, 주문을 외우고
더 멋진 (Na-na-na-na), 더 멋진

Tanna Leone “Death n’ Taxes” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified
[Refrain: Mashiro, Xiaoting, Bahiyyih & Yujin, Hikaru, Dayeon]
제일 멋진 색깔로, pick it
Yellow and blue, fantastic
울려 퍼지는, poppin’, oh, can we pop in?
출발 직전, you ready?
아찔해 질끈 감은 눈
어서 눈을 떠? 어서 눈을 떠
뭐가 보여 넌, 뭐가 보여 넌?
바로 지금이야, 바로 지금이야

[Interlude: All]
Here we go

[Chorus: Chaehyun, Yujin]
We go, 상상 속의 나의 섬
따라, 따라 줄을 서
준비됐다면, up, up, up, up, up
We go, 구름 속의 rainbow
따라, 따라 닫힌 문을 열어
우린 up, up, up, up, up

[Post-Chorus: Mashiro, Dayeon, Xiaoting, Chaehyun, Hikaru]
Ooh-ooh, got ya, 꿈의 섬으로
Ooh-ooh, 찾았어, 깜빡이는 sign
Ooh-ooh, Kep1 up, up, up, up, up
우리에게 손짓하는 sign (Wait)
[Refrain: Dayeon, Hikaru, Mashiro & Xiaoting]
바람을 타고 blasting
찰나의 시간, don’t worry
울려 퍼지는, popping, oh, can we pop in?
더 깊이, 저 끝까지
안 피해 속도를 높여
멀리 온 걸, 머지않은 걸
뭐가 무서워, 뭐가 두려워, 이제 시작이야

[Pre-Chorus: Yujin, Bahiyyih, Xiaoting, Mashiro, Hikaru]
Kep1 moving, 두근, 두근, 두근, 심장이 뛰어
상상 속으로 bungee
다시 move it (Uh)
두구, 두구, 두구, 이 소리 들려? (두구, 두구, 두구)

[Interlude: All]
Here we go

[Chorus: Dayeon, Youngeun]
We go, 상상 속의 나의 섬
따라, 따라 줄을 서
준비됐다면, up, up, up, up, up
We go, 구름 속의 rainbow
따라, 따라 닫힌 문을 열어
우린 up, up, up, up, up
[Post-Chorus: Yeseo, Hikaru, Bahiyyih, Youngeun]
Ooh-ooh, got ya, 꿈의 섬으로
Ooh-ooh, 찾았어, 깜빡이는 sign
Ooh-ooh, Kep1 up, up, up, up, up
우리에게 손짓하는 sign

[Bridge: Xiaoting, Hikaru, Youngeun, Bahiyyih, Yeseo, (Mashiro), (Yujin)]
(Kep1 moving) 그린대로 펼쳐지는 view
I know what I want, I do what I wanna do
(다시, move) 쉬지 않고 우린 비행 중
Wherever we go, 다채로워 something new

[Break: All]
We go

[Outro: All, Chaehyun, Youngeun, Xiaoting, Yeseo]
We go (We go, ooh-ooh-ooh, woo)
Ooh, yeah 깜빡이는 sign (찾았어 깜빡이는 sign)
We go (We go, ooh-ooh-ooh, woo)
우리에게 손짓하는 sign
Up, up, up, up, up.

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