Lil Baby – Top Priority

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  • Artist(s) Name: Lil Baby
  • Song Name: Top Priority
  • Album: It’s Only Me
  • Produced By: DJ Champ & Beatsbyjuko
  • Written By: Lil Baby, Beatsbyjuko & DJ Champ
  • Distributor: Universal Music Group
  • Label: 4PF, Quality Control & Motown Records
  • Released Year: 2022
  • Genre & Category: Rap/Atlanta Rap/Trap
  • Source:

Dominique Armani Jones (born December 3, 1994) better known by his stage name Lil Baby, has established himself as a global force from the Atlanta hip-hop scene. From growing up with fellow Atlanta rapper, Young Thug to many arrests and struggles with poverty, Baby has experienced tremendous growth since starting to rap in 2017. Raised by his single mother, Baby was born into poverty with his two sisters and one brother. He lived off of food stamps and government assistance. In January 2012, he was arrested and charged with burglary. Later that year in August, he attempted to drop out of tenth grade but once again was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs. Two more marijuana possessions and one more theft charge put him in jail for two years. It was during his time in jail when Quality Control Music’s Pee and Coach K encouraged Baby to pursue a career in rapping, and this time, he Embark on his music career to release this whooping titled “Top Priority” which is here for your pleasing audience and Free MP3 Download on our platform,

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Lil Baby – Top Priority Lyrics

Top priority, they running to me (Yeah)
Bitches flying all the way from Europe to me (Yeah)

[Verse 1]
Anyone who came around, I turned em’ up
Ain’t nobody gave me shit, I earned this stuff
All cap aside, who really turnt as us?
Akademiks, niggas think they can’t get touched
Ion be on computers much, CED turnt me on to youtube
I keep tryna tell em I’m different from what they used to
We can’t go to war, fuck this money up, is what I tell the bro then
Everybody wanna be killers, nah I ain’t even go there
I know real steppers, with body counts, don’t nobody know them
I won four M’s off of baccarat and didn’t even buy nothin’
Invest a lil something into MoonPay just to try somethin’
Mama get her hair done when she want, she got her own salon
Tryna find a [?] life so I can keep one with me
Real gambler, plenty times I fucked it up and got it right, the same night
You ever heard a lil joker change yo life?
I’m talking shooting dice, I know that went over they head
And without me more than half of these rappers wouldn’t have no legs
What I mean is, I’m really the reason niggas think they big as me, damn
They couldn’t see the old me, I done revamped
Blue check, I’m verified, that’s a social star today
God knows that any circumstance I’m a find a way
You supposed to have 57 11 but you didn’t have time to wait
I’m talking about Patek, this bitch just turned my savage up
Yeah, I play for the big low
Switching up my pivot, I been tryna wife a rich hoe
We done did some shit you can’t forget, then you my real bro
I told him to let it go, they still shot him
I made my first money in the trenches, and I still got it
Every now again, I go and count it, can’t forget where I come from
Told the people at my label, “No I am not done”
Get whatever I want, whenever I want it, then go number one
(Yeah, yeah)

Top priority, they running to me (Yeah)
I’m from poverty, what’s a Grammy to me? (Yeah)
Money fuck with me, it been good to me (Yeah)
Bitches traveling the way from Europe to me (Yeah)

[Verse 2]
Listen to me, talk to me, I don’t want you nagging though
I didn’t want it, now you got it, that ain’t nothing to brag about
You’ve been out here playing from the minimum, watch me max em’ out
I went from the projects to Zürich Shoebox to Swiss accounts
Millionaire meetings, collared shirt I left my cup in the car
Imma bring the ghetto to the light, can’t leave em’ stuck in the dark
I just told the lawyers keep on fighting, bro can’t be stuck in no box
We been posting pictures while we did ’em we don’t give a fuck bout no opps
How she not gonna tell her friends, she really fucking a star?
She too cute to ride in Ubers, so I bought her a car
They been tryna catch up with me, I’m just out here really far
Don’t gotta ride no nigga wave when I’m already gnarly, I’m already gnarly
Don’t gotta ride no nigga wave when I’m already gnarly, I’m already gnarly
This shit lit, I’m in my bag, nobody fuckin’ this vibe up, fuckin this vibe up
This shit lit, I’m in my bag, nobody fuckin’ this vibe up, fuckin this vibe up

Top priority, they running to me (Yeah)
I’m from poverty, what’s a Grammy to me? (Yeah)
Money fuck with me, it been good to me (Yeah)
Bitches traveling the way from Europe to me (Yeah).


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