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Highly sensational Memphis, Tennessee rapper, singer & songwriter Adarious Smith known professionally as Lil Migo, dropped an impressive song titled, “Letter To The Industry“. which Mixloaded made available for free streaming & mp3 download.

Lil Migo, has been on top of his game for so long, pushing to the top, and it shows on this track (Letter To The Industry).

Lil Migo’s “Letter To The Industry” Was Released On August 26, 2019. Produced By RealRed and Written By Lil Migo.

The song is very catchy and will quickly grab your attention. As a music lover, The Sweet Melody is available here for free and fast download.

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Lil Migo – Letter To The Industry Lyrics

(Red Dead, I’m so fuckin’ bumpin’, bruh)
Migo, damn, yeah
Ayy, man
This a letter to the industry
Let you niggas know what’s goin’ on
Niggas and bitches
You know
I just had to get some shit off my chest
Speak that real spill
I stayed down for this shit, I’ll be damned if a nigga take it

[Verse 1]
Young nigga pimpin’ his style (Style)
I’m tryna break down this loud (Loud)
Niggas, they gossip like childs
I can’t sit around, I’m sellin’ these pounds (Damn)
I wanna thank all my rounds for totin’ them K’s when we out of town (Brrt)
I had to switch up my style, ’cause niggas, they copied my motherfuckin’ sound
So niggas all lost on the road (Road)
So niggas, they know that they old (Damn)
But they cannot call me no more
I put that on God, this shit from the soul (Yes)
I cannot trust me a ho
They fuck on you, then they go fuck on your bro (Ayy)
Act like you know how it go
When niggas be beggin’ and everybody broke

Shit crazy, when you up, everybody want somethin’ from you
But when you don’t give it to ’em
They think you don’t fuck with ’em
Where the fuck was you when I was broke?
I don’t owe a nigga shit

[Verse 2]
Young nigga chasin’ a check
One foot on the gas, and one on they neck (Damn)
You better pray for this wreck
‘Cause I want it now, I don’t want it next (No)
And niggas, they know they a mess
‘Cause they tryna keep up when I’m playin’ chess (Huh?)
I had to climb me a mountain, but I made it out, that shit was a test (Damn)
I wanna sit up and count up a mil’, lil’ baby, I don’t wanna talk (No)
Junkies, they steady just callin’ my phone, I’m tryna go get this shit off (Gone)
And I had to crawl before I could ball, I turned myself into a boss (Bling)
I took a loss and now I could floss and you know that shit there, it cost, damn, ayy
She wanna fuck up the ice (Ice)
Baby, I shine like a light, but this for a price, I know it look nice (Damn)
You wanna fuck up the mic, and I got a life, you say I’m your type (Yes)
You know you can’t be my wife, but you get the pipe, then I’m out of sight (Skrrt)
I’m breakin’ down and rollin’ up loud, my nigga, this straight out the pound (Gas)
Sit back and think about all of my niggas I tried to help get off the ground (Damn)
These niggas crossed me so many damn times, I think on it, then I just frown (Arr)
Want the best for you niggas, to live your life and see you just smile, damn
Ayy, you know
When you try to help a nigga and do for him
These niggas don’t see the good in it, they think you tryna fuckin’ get over on ’em
You know
I’ma stay real and be me

[Verse 3]
Got off my ass and went got a bag, my nigga, I didn’t ask for shit (No)
Everything that I’m receiving, my nigga, I grinded, didn’t have to ride dick (Damn)
I wanna thank all my niggas who been here from day one and didn’t have to switch (Yes)
Whether we pull up in big body Benz, we pull up and hop out with sticks (Brrt)
I’m tryna ice out the clique (Damn)
I’m tryna flood out my wrist (Yes)
I’m tryna put on my bitch, ’cause she loved a nigga when I ain’t have shit (Damn)
These niggas mad ’cause I got some money and I went and made me a hit
Look at my light, my nigga, it glitter and glammer, come take you a pic (Bling)
Half of you niggas, I really don’t like ’cause I know you lyin’ when you write (Cap)
I speak the truth soon I grab the mic’, she sayin’ that she a cold type (Damn)
Niggas, they tryna just speak on my life, I guess they just runnin’ with hype (Huh?)
That be the reason you win or gettin’ wiped while I’m on an overnight flight (Byoom)
I was a trapper, but now I’m a rapper, my nigga, I’m poppin’ this shit (Pop it)
These niggas talkin’ and these niggas goin’, they end up gettin’ popped like a zit (Damn)
You niggas mad they can’t take off the ‘fit, this shit here too real when I spit (Yes)
Cold like a rockstar whenever I drip, that there why this shit is a hit (Damn)
Ayy, Migo
This a letter to the industry, man
(Red Dead, I’m so fuckin’ bumpin’, bruh)
Shit so bothered, RealRed
Ayy, yeah, damn.

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