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Highly sensational American rapper and record producer. Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, known professionally as Logic, released an impressive song titled “Orville featuring Like, Blu & Exile“. After long anticipation, Mixloaded made it available for free streaming and mp3 download.

Logic, Like, Blu & Exile, has been on top of their game for so long, pushing to the top, and it shows on this track (Orville).

Orville” is the fifth single of Logic’s upcoming studio album Vinyl Days.

The song title is a reference to the science fiction series “The Orville,” with several references to it throughout the song.

In December 2021, Logic teamed up with HitRecord for a second time to teach upcoming artists how he makes a song. Logic includes a demo song containing an open verse for the student to contribute to the song. The song is known in the community as “Dreams Come True” that contains elements of this song. It includes Logic’s verse as well as other elements of the song in an early demo of Orville.

Music critic Anthony Fantano actually noted that he connected Logic and Blu together prior to this track.

On the Pep Talk Podcast, Logic went in-depth about how this track blossomed into a friendship with an idol of his, Seth MacFarlane:

This classic entry is taken from Logic’s new studio album titled “Vinyl Days (2022)”. However, the beautiful melody was released on May 27, 2022. Produced By Exile & 6ix and Written By 6ix, Like, Exile, Blu & Logic.

The song is very catchy and will quickly grab your attention. As a music lover, The Sweet Melody is available here for free and fast download.

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Logic – Orville ft. Like, Blu & Exile Lyrics

[Intro: Logic]
What’s the threat?
Bitch, I’m on one
Yeah, you fuckin’ with the wrong—, wrong one
Yeah, yeah-yeah
Little echoes (Wrong one, wrong one)
Yeah, you fuckin’ with the wrong—, wrong one
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh
Bitch, I’m on one
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh, uh
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh (Yeah)
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh (Yeah, ayo, uh)

[Verse 1: Logic]
Ayo, what’s the deal? Mind too active, can’t sit still
I kinda feel like I just took a limitless pill
I’m Captain Mercer on the beat, watch me murder the Krill
That’s a sci-fi reference, nerd shit my preference
Family is the only thing that mattеrs, bitch, I’m Stefan
I can’t believе at first sight you thought I was Steve
Bitch, I’ll orphan you, shapeshift and morph into your mom
Slit your throat and make it look like she’s the one that committed the crime
You know I’m too committed to rhyme since my first show in Chicago
Never throwin’ shade, we keepin’ it light like vitiligo
Chain around my neck glisten like El Dorado
Can’t fuck bitches with baggage, you married a ho with cargo
Bitches be jumpin’ ship, word to Argo
If you don’t understand that line, no need for an apology
You stupid motherfucker, I’m referencin’ Greek mythology
I never went to college, B
And made millions while you pissed like you majored in urology
Now logically, I’m the top MC
How dare you got the nerve to bring that weak shit, neuropathy
Ain’t no stoppin’ me
Even if you stand on my grave, you’re never toppin’ me

[Chorus: Exile, with Like]
Down, down, that’s how we get down
Down, yeah, yeah, you know we get down
Pick the mic up and then we get down, down
So high up that it’s down

[Verse 2: Like & Blu]
Wow, my shit so profound
Wow, y’all done bit the whole style
Wow, I don’t trip, I just smile
Murderous shit, I fit the profile
Murder was the case, had that shit on tape
Play this in the whip, man, that shit gon’ crank
You steady talkin’ shit like your shit don’t stank (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
News flash, buddy, we the shit, you ain’t

[Verse 3: Blu]
From irrelevant back to relevant in a matter of seconds
Shattered misconceptions
Misdirected, inheaded in my direction, intelligent and I’m tellin’ it
Droppin’ heavy shit that’s still heaven sent
The freshest prince, utmost, definite, deadin’ it
‘Fore niggas can’t fathom who they effin’ with
Raw, no condom, you still can’t come correct with it
I represent a specialist of artists who never charted
But never parted, often regarded as the hardest
As the autumn falls in, tell the wind I never fail
Leaves do, emcees too, but the pros propel
Don’t tell, another cup of XXL, trouble for sale
Back bustin’ a couple of shells, for Durell
Logic asked me, “What the deal?”
Back then, it was a film per album plus a couple mill’
Plug pulled the rug from up under my wheels
Humbly kill, stomach and pills, fumblin’ bills, shit
Killed the player like Jada did Will Smith
For tryna play the same game, nigga, you will quit
I still spit, like it’s foot on my throat, ’til I’m a ghost
Still not a G.O.A.T. but I feel like the G.O.A.T, end of my quote, go

[Outro: Logic]
Bitch, I’m on one
Yeah, you fuckin’ with the wrong—, wrong one
Bitch, I’m on one, bitch, I’m on one
Yeah, you fuckin’ with the wrong one, with the wrong one, one, one
Yeah, you fuckin’ with—
You fuckin’ with—, you fuckin’ with—
You fuckin’ with the wrong—, wrong one
You fuckin’ with—, you fuckin’ with—
You fuckin’ with the wrong—, wrong one.

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