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A naturally talented American rapper, singer, record producer, and entrepreneur. Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, better known by his stage name Lupe Fiasco, dropped an impressive song titled, “ON FAUX NEM“. which Mixloaded made available for free streaming & mp3 download.

Lupe Fiasco, has been on top of his game for so long, pushing to the top, and it shows on this track (ON FAUX NEM).

This classic entry is taken from Lupe Fiasco’s new studio album titled “DRILL MUSIC IN ZION” However, this awesome hit was released on June 24, 2022. Produced By Soundtrakk & Lupe Fiasco and Written By Lupe Fiasco.

This is a Lovely hit sound that will have you stuck in place in no time, this song sounds good to the ears and would make anyone dance to it every time it is played. In conclusion, this is certainly an excellent melody that you should find in your music collection if you are a lover of decent and beautiful music..

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Lupe Fiasco – ON FAUX NEM Lyrics

And they sing, singy-singy-sing-sing
Sing, mm-mm-hm

I wish you were lying, oh, oh, oh
Yes, I do
I wish that you were lying
I hope none of that comes true

CKay ‘Love Nwantiti’ (Live Performance) | Open Mic
[Verse 1]
Rappers die too much
That’s it, that’s the verse

I wish that you were lying to me, oh, oh, oh
Yes, I do
I wish that you were lying to me
I hope none of that comes true

[Verse 2]
Yeah, silent reflection was the first verse’s mission
I ain’t want to water it down with a whole bunch of conditions
Just give it to you raw how a nigga really feelin’
“Rappers get shot too much” probably has a lot more precision
But that was the dеcision, and with that, I’ma stick
I don’t really support niggas ’cause the shit bе making me sick
Look at what we say in this bitch just to get rich
Shoot a nigga right in the head don’t even flinch

Nah, nah we can’t, we can’t talk about that
We gotta talk about something else
I mean, because it’s hypocritical, nigga, you got guns
You surrounded by gangsters and killers, all your niggas
Like, the fuck is you talkin’ about?
Nigga, talk about something else, talk about something else
Nigga, talk about something else
[Verse 3]
I’ve admired many cities through the windows of hotels
From the window of a plane I’ve seen the window of a cell
The plane started to fly, the rain started to fell
Thats LaGuardia and Rikers, a airport next to a jail
I took a picture looked like my window was crying
‘Cause it was sad ’cause all they saw every day was somebody flying
And they was trapped, this shit is wack
But it was crack under my wall like a plaque
Keep yours eyes on the prize and your thumbs on the apps
Facts – I wish that they was lying in their raps
How does that transpire
To be so damned by God, you want your friends to be goddamned liars?
All we talk about are our goddamned priors
Shiny metal boxes on top of goddamned tyres
Goddamned tired
If I say I didn’t indulge, my pants would be on goddamn fire
‘Cause I’m a part of the problem
Sometimes the P-, sometimes the -roblem
Fame, all in the name of martyrdom (Yeah)
I wish that you were lying
What’s the difference between a posthumous album
And a life insurance policy?
A dollar’s worth what a dollar buy, go monetize
I wish that you were lying to me
Oh yes, I do, yeah
I wish that you were lying to me
I hope that none of that comes true, ooh

[Verse 4]
Giving you a fourth, wanna make up for the first
Only ’cause I know that you can take another verse
Want the Quran to be a lie ’cause Hell sounds like it hurts
Also want it to be real ’cause Heaven sounds like it’s turnt
Wear my conscience like a condom ’cause I don’t wanna be burnt
Wear my dharma like its armor ’cause I don’t wanna return
To the wheel of the quivering meat conception
Sometimes I hide inside Kerouac for protection
From the Thanksgiving where bears attacking the dressing
Like Tekken, just lean back and tear into that refreshment
Sometimes real life parallaxes in depression
That’s real
Maybe not lie, maybe just chill (Yo)
Maybe not die, maybe just kill (Wait, no)
Maybe survive making a mil’
Greetings wavy but wavy don’t make you a Navy SEAL

I wish that you were lying to me
Oh yes, I do
I wish that you were lying to me
I hope that none of that comes true.

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