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Highly sensational American heavy metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Motionless In White, dropped an impressive song titled, “Cyberhex“. which Mixloaded made available for free streaming & mp3 download.

Motionless In White, has been on top of their game for so long, pushing to the top, and it shows on this track (Cyberhex).

Cyberhex is my love letter to you, our fans, for everything you have done for me over the course of some of the most mentally taxing few years I’ve had to go through. At times where I felt like my world was ending, as well as the world around us, it was always in my mind that I was able to turn to the special relationship we have created together for help, and I cannot thank you enough for that. Outside of my own personal experiences, It has been equally as fulfilling to me to see that in the face of tireless forces that continue to try and perpetuate hatred and negativity towards so many of us coexisting on this planet, we have all stood together to resist and fight back knowing that love and compassion will always prevail. We ARE the resistance. We ARE Cyberhex. I love you. Thank you.”

However, Chris “Motionless” Cerulli: One of the artists of this sensational song talks about the song through Apple Music saying;

During the pandemic, I reached out to fans and just let people know that I was struggling. I think I was just looking for support and for people to let me know that they still care about the band. It’s really weird—I’ve never felt like reaching out for support like that, but I was at such a low point that I did. The reaction that I received was overwhelming positive energy. I was so grateful for that, I wanted to write a song based on how I felt about it. So, I imagined a cyberwar between good and evil and wrote this song to the fans to stand together and help each other out through all of the evil shit happening.

Motionless In White’s lovely song ”Cyberhex” was Released on March 11, 2022. Produced By Justin deBlieck & Drew Fulk and Written By Steve Sopchak, Justin Morrow, Justin deBlieck, Chris Motionless & Drew Fulk.

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Motionless In White – Cyberhex Lyrics

[Verse 1: Chris Motionless]
There’s no tomorrow, life is but an echo
Scars become mementos, this is war
Extinction, ashes on your pale skin
Love becomes a symptom of the cure

[Pre-Chorus: Lindsay Schoolcraft]
Initiate Cyberhex
Eliminate threat

[Chorus: Chris Motionless]
I’d pull the sun from the sky to freeze the future of time
And drift as one through the infinite (Hold on)
I found asylum inside your armageddon eyes
I’d kill to kiss your apocalips

[Verse 2: Chris Motionless]
Cold and corrosive, fatal diagnosis
Ring around the roses, say goodbye (Say goodbye)
We broke it down, to build it up
‘Cause analog life’s digital еnough
Initiate the Cyberhеx
The only way to win is to reconnect
Stay alive, stay alive

[Chorus: Chris Motionless]
I’d pull the sun from the sky to freeze the future of time
And drift as one through the infinite (Hold on)
I found asylum inside your armageddon eyes
I’d kill to kiss your apocalips

[Bridge: Chris Motionless]
Do you wanna live? (Yeah)
Are you willing to die? (Hoorah)
When heaven falls, I will be your light
Love will survive
In this hell you are my paradise

[Breakdown: Chris Motionless]
Walk with me to the edge
Take my hand, oblivion
My heart is yours, ’til we meet again
I’ll see you in oblivion
[Chorus: Chris Motionless]
I found asylum inside your armageddon eyes
And drift as one through the infinite
And though our fates synchronized, I wasn’t willing to die
Until I kissed your apocalips (Pick it up)

[Outro: Chris Motionless]
Annihilate our end of days
Love will find a way
Death shatters and after
A thousand suns, hope has not rust
Love has found a way
I will not terminate, I will annihilate.

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