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Talented Artist & Song writer Rontae Don’t Play, returns with an exciting track titled, “She Belong To The Streets (Toxic)“. Which Mixloaded made available for free streaming & mp3 download.

Rontae Don’t Play, has been on top of his game for so long, pushing to the top, and this is seen in this track “She Belong To The Streets (Toxic).

She Belong to the Streets (Toxic),” originated from the meme it sampled featuring the rap artist Future.

Similar to many releases from newer artists, as well as Rontae Don’t Play’s February 2020 single, “I’m Single and I’m Lit,” “She Belong to the Streets (Toxic)” gained popularity through a social media app, TikTok. The song gained such a remarkable amount that it eventually led on to be sampled in other songs and included in various challenges within the app.

the song is very catchy and will quickly catch your attention. As a music lover, We recommend that you add this to your music playlist, Download & Enjoy for Free

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Rontae Don’t Play – She Belong To The Streets (Toxic) Lyrics

You identify my bitches with APs
She ain’t got an AP she’s not mine
He cold
She belong to the streets

[Verse 1]
Throw that ass back and let me see you do a split (On god)
Come and get the hunnit if you do it on the dick (Wassup)
Post that bitch on Insta, show them hoes that you the shit
And send it to your ex, make sure he know that you legit (Let’s get it)

Tell that bitch I’m toxic
Tell that bitch I’m toxic (yeah)
Tell that bitch I’m toxic
I said, tell that bitch I’m toxic (Let’s go)
Tell that bitch I’m toxic
Tell that bitch I’m toxic (What?)
Tell that bitch I’m toxic
I say, tell that bitch I’m toxic (On god)

[Verse 2]
Green light, go, tell thottie it ain’t no stoppin’
Call that hatin’ bitch and tell that ho that you be poppin’
And if they want some smoke, pull up and we can get it rockin’ (On god)
Say, “Bitch”
Yeah, you know I’m off the drugs (Let’s go)
I be with the shits before I walk inside the club
Took a couple shots, oh now I really wanna fuck
I just broke her back and broke her heart, can’t show no love

[Verse 3]
Oh some toxic shit (What?)
Got me feelin’ like the devil ’cause I just dropped the bitch
Issa habit, man, I really cannot stop this shit
Now let me teach you all the levels to this toxic shit
Fuck em good, say, “I love you,” then go block the bitch
Wait some weeks and hit her up, and then go top the bitch
Please don’t fuck her, man, I really mean go top the bitch
Make her wait and I promise she gon’ love that shit
Don’t text her back, now that ho, she on some other shit
She in the bushes textin’, “Who the fuck you with?” (Who you with? Where you at?)
“If you wit a bitch, I’m finna beat you with bat,” (On god)
“I ain’t sharin’ shit, that’s my dick and that’s on that.”
Drop a future pic and leave the message where it’s at (It’s done)

Tell that bitch you toxic, toxic, what? Toxic, what? Toxic
Toxic, what? Toxic, what? Toxic, what? Toxic
Toxic, toxic, toxic (Yeah).

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