Scally Milano – Йупи Йо (Yupi Yo)

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  • Artist(s) Name: Scally Milano
  • Song Name: Йупи Йо (Yupi Yo)
  • Featuring: 163ONMYNECK & MAYOT
  • Produced By: Hyp3rkrazy & Amirkagang
  • Written By: Scally Milano, 163ONMYNECK, MAYOT, Hyp3rkrazy & Amirkagang
  • Released Year: 2022
  • Genre & Category: Rap/Русский трэп (Russian Trap)/TrapРусский рэп (Russian Rap)/Россия (Russia)
  • Source:

Scally Milano (Daniil Vladislavovich Dmitriev, born March 25, 2002) is a Russian performer from the Perm region of the city of Berezniki. One of the first rappers of the Detroit genre in Russia, he also popularized it. Scully in his work reads about his illegal activities on the Internet and the strange stories that take place in his life, and this time, he Embark on his music career to release this whooping track titled “Йупи Йо (Yupi Yo)” which is here for your pleasing audience and Free MP3 Download on our platform,

“Yupi Yo” is the first Detroit track from Scully Milano’s album Really Rich . The track tells about spending time in a club with girls of easy virtue and about the daily life of artists. Two tracks are sampled in the beat of the song, the acapella for the beat was taken from the Childish Gambino track ” Do Ya Like” , and the beat sampled from the HOME track – “Resonance” in an accelerated version. Young producers from Kazakhstan Hyp3rkrazy and @amirkagang were responsible for the beat and this is their first major collaboration. is committed to providing you with quality content and we will always do that. Download and Listen to All the Latest Nigerian, American, South African and other songs on for free. Thanks. And don’t forget to comment on your thought in the comment box below.

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Scally Milano – Йупи Йо (Yupi Yo) Lyrics

[Lyrics of the song “Yupi Yo” ft. 163ONMYNECK & MAYOT]

[Intro: Childish Gambino]
Baby girl, you know what I want
Let me do it to ya, do it to ya
Let me do ya like
Uh, uh-uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh, uh Uh – uh ,
uh-uh, uh-uh , uh Yo, yup-yy, I go to the club, they’re like, “Hey!” Wow, wow, wow, yup-yo, yup-yy, I want to put it right in her mouth .

( Stop, hey, hey )

[Verse 1: 163ONMYNECK] Show ID
, that bitch’s teeth see dick more than toothpaste
Might steal a bar, say like, “I rub, don’t copy-paste”
Bro stays in the kitchen for three hours but doesn’t make pasta (Tornado, hey)
I’m a ghetto boy, before you put your dick in her, put your finger in her pussy
Before you measure dicks with me, look at my
Ask: do you really want to diss me, boy? (U)
Miss, we talking for too long, how long can you fuck?
If a chick with me to the club, she should fuck up If you want to play too, you
need to fuck everything

Fuck, I gotta smoke some (Gas)
I could beg but could
Lame diss me in the comments? (What?) But he’s a sucker himself
If you’re talking about bars, rhymes, all the bullshit – we got some

[Verse 2: Scally Milano] Turn up the music, move your body ,
I love it
buy it (Fuck)
Vetements shorts, more Amiri – I wear it (Drip)
Baby I saw your lips, I want it
Shot, shot (Hey), shot, shot (Hey)
For every shot, and now we’re
good She wants more, baby, it’s on me
Baby, it’s on me, baby, it’s on me, hey

[Chorus: Scally Milano]
Wow, wow, wow, yup-yo, yup-yy, I want to put it right in her
mouth Hey!” (Is that it? Ooh) Wow, wow, wow, yup-yo, yup-yy, I
want to put it in her mouth (In her mouth, yo)
club, they’re like, “Hey!”

[Verse 3: MAYOT]
I walk into the club, they scorch harder than the sun
I don’t perform here, feeling like “This is my end”
Came to pick up the one that’s on my end today
Came to pick up the one whose fingers will go in like rings (Ha-ah)
I feel like a boss (Boss)
Always been like this, even when I was barefoot (Broke) The
gift to speak beautifully was sent to me from heaven (Bazaar)
Hater sees me rise – fuck sent (Fuck you!)
Raise a glass – Mayot in this club (Here)
Today everyone is drunk with love, even who does not like (Everyone)
Strong drinks like Beasts, but we are people (Beasts)
What today will? Someone’s getting beat up tonight (Shh)

[Chorus: Scally Milano]
Wow, wow, wow, yup-yo, yup-yy, I want to give her mouth
wow, wow, wow, yup-yo, yup-yy I go to the club, they’re like, “Hey!” (Is that it? Oh yeah!)
Wow, wow, wow, yup-yo, yup-yy, I want to put it in her mouth (In her mouth, yo)
Wow, wow, wow, yup-yo, yup-yy, I I go to the club, they’re like, “Hey!”


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