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Talented artist & songwriter The Alchemist, returns with an exciting track titled “Miracle Baby featuring Mavi“. Which Mixloaded made available for free streaming & mp3 download.

The Alchemist & Mavi, has been on top of their game for so long pushing to the top and this is seen in this track (Miracle Baby).

Alchemist and North Carolina rapper MAVI sound like they were made for each other. Spitting through the swirling textures of Alchemist’s soulful production, MAVI raps with a sense of glory and pride, his bars splintering into topics including metaphysics, the state of the nation and the success he’s experienced over the past few years. Deeply impassioned, “Miracle Baby” is not only the best track from This Thing Of Ours 2, it’s one of MAVI’s best offerings of the year.

the song is very catchy and will quickly catch your attention. We recommend that you add this to your music playlist, Download & Enjoy for Free.

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The Alchemist – Miracle Baby ft. Mavi Lyrics

Look me in my eyes and tell me what you see
The eyes are the windows to the soul
My man is one of the greatest
Yeah, ayy

[Verse: MAVI]
Wrote this one in the mountains out in Tennessee, a tin of tree
Attempt to kick the tens but I got tendencies, sins to beat and grins to seek
Passed out in the mountain top and skim the peak
How God playing the drums for a young nigga and I miss the beat, misery
Strapped with red and green like we feel Christmas-y, but it’s a beam
If he objеct to the tax, we send a liеn, and kiss the creek
My physical form recalled every lift of finger, hiss and creak
Kicked the beans but now, to a critic, I can’t be pissed to speak
Civilly, liberally, toe the gas, hear the Jeep spin and heave
My glick with me twenty-six, so it really don’t take shit to sneak
A meal can’t make those bitters sweet, start thinking ’bout love differently
Stop taking so much seriously, I’m taking all that’s given to me
Liquor pitcher clinkin’, Henny drenching on my clearer speech
Stay away from my ear ’cause I don’t operate like peers can think
Chasing down a way but appearing only empirically
Attempt to replicate it, a waiting fate there to sneer at me
I talk sometimes just knowing my phone the only one listening
Advertise the digit app when I spend a bag
Advertise the fitted mag when I’m finna crash
Half the time at the virulence I just sit and laugh
If we ain’t there to spark the revolution, all our Siri’s can
Dope from the high sierra got my sclera like a jerry can
I was barely there, I barely dwell, I’m getting scared, I can’t
How we feel toward domestic terrorists? Prepared for them
(One of the greatest) Ayy, I swear to you
Robert Horry already scored if you lost me
I just put my ho through college, Lori Loughlin
My mama ask me why I’m on my story coughing
‘Cause I’m a marksman, ayy
And perfect aim be exhausting, a game we can’t all win
Quick scan look like I’m scamming on the odds, but really I accepted randomness of God
Shit, it is what it is, and it’s not what’s it’s not
Nigga try me like I’m pussy, he gon’ get a surprise
They don’t know if I’m a rookie or if it’s a disguise
That lil’ nigga know what he doing, you can see in his eyes
Shit, it is what it is, and it’s not what’s it’s not
A nigga try me like I’m pussy, he gon’ get a surprise
They don’t know if a nigga rookie or if it’s a disguise
That lil’ nigga know what he doing, you can see in his eyes
You can see in his eyes
Take a look at this
It’s highly theoretical
Theoretical? Do I have to remind you that theory is a beginning solution?.

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