The Game – Start From Scratch II

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  • Artist(s) Name: The Game
  • Song Name: Start From Scratch II
  • Released Year: 2022
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Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known by his stage name the Game or simply Game, is an American rapper. Born in Compton, California, he initially released a series of mixtapes under the wing of fellow West Coast rapper JT the Bigga Figga, and this time, he Embark on his music career to release this whooping track titled “Start From Scratch II” which is here for your pleasing audience and Free MP3 Download on our platform,

In Additionally, The Game, has been on top of his game for so long, pushing his way to the top and this shows on this track (Start From Scratch II). However, On this song, The Game raps about some stuffs that happened in the music industry, what he did in the past that he think he shouldn’t have done it that way.

Moreover, this classic entry is taken from the Game’s new studio album titled “DRILLMATIC – Heart vs. Mind (2022)”. and it’s the 15th song of the album. However the beautiful tune was released on August 12, 2022. Credited & Produced By DONTMINDIFIDUKE, Mike Zombie & Titus E. Johnson and Written By The Game, Mike Zombie & DONTMINDIFIDUKE. is committed to providing you with quality content and we will always do that. Download and Listen to All the Latest Nigerian, American, South African and other songs on for free. Thanks. And don’t forget to comment on your thought in the comment box below.

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The Game – Start From Scratch II Lyrics

(Get away)
Yo son, if that nigga Prodigy was standin’ in my face right now
He’ll say “Yo, Don, you know I really fuck with you”
That’s why a nigga out here in Kingston, smokin’ the loud
Playin’ nothin’ but Mobb Deep on this motherfuckin’ (Get away)
And the first beat I ever had on The Documentary came from that nigga Havoc
So I gotta thank (You)
Looked out for a nigga, I owe you one (Get away)

[Verse 1]
If I could start from scratch, I’d change hella shit
Would’ve never went to Hot97 with hella clips (You)
Wouldn’t have took Yayo spot, even though he irrelevant
I could’ve left them niggas alive, now I’m stuck with they skeletons (Get away)
I defended Nas, Joe and ‘Kiss, like, “Fuck this group shit”
Murder was the case, so I was in New York on my Snoop shit (You)
Shouldn’t have told this nigga I’m ridin’ in his coupe with
Everybody an opp, shoot, I don’t care who you hit (Get away)
Should’ve married my baby momma
Either one, probably save me from the drama (You)
Made where my kids stay hotter than the sauna
Had me runnin’ from my karma
Sometimes a nigga gotta (Get away)
Take some time off, clear my head, clear your thoughts
If and when them lines crossed (You)
I hop up in a beamer with your girl, you ain’t seen her
‘Cause we headed to Jamaica on a (Get away)

If my opps listenin’, fuck (You)
Some times a nigga gotta (Get away)
Middle finger in the air, fuck (You)
If I get locked with the Glock
Tell my daughter that her daddy on a (Get away)

[Verse 2]
If I could rewind the hands of time
I would’ve walked in the club and let it blam with Shyne (You)
I would’ve told B.I.G. about the Rampart
If you ain’t from here, don’t come here, you feel it in the air
Just (Get away), stay dangerous
And when I got the stainless, I aim it
Middle finger in the air, fuck (You) and your family, nigga
Picture me sellin’ my soul for a Grammy, nigga (Getaway)
If I could start it all over, I would’ve have went there tipsy
And clapped when they gave it to Missy
It ain’t no jealousy with (You) like that convo with JAY
Maybe I misunderstood what he was tryna say
I had to (Get away), and head back to L.A.
Keep it real, I ain’t talked to Hov again to this day
If I wasn’t hardheaded, could’ve been signed to the Roc
But I’m not, blown opportunity, too many shots
I let it (Get away)

If my opps listenin’, fuck (You)
Sometimes a nigga gotta (Get away)
Middle finger in the air, fuck (You)
If I get locked with the Glock
Tell my daughter that her daddy on a (Get away)
You ain’t been fuckin’ with me all this time, stay there, fuck (You)
This rap shit’ll take your life
So sometimes you gotta (Get away).

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