Tom MacDonald – Sheeple

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  • Artist(s) Name: Tom MacDonald
  • Song Name: Sheeple
  • Produced By: Tom MacDonald
  • Written By: ova Rockafeller & Tom MacDonald
  • Released Year: 2022
  • Genre & Category: Rap/Politics/Conscious Hip-Hop/Hip-Hop/Underground Hip-Hop
  • Source:

Thomas MacDonald (born September 21, 1988) is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, and former professional wrestler. MacDonald first rose to prominence with the release of his song “Dear Rappers“. His songs “Fake Woke“, “Snowflakes” and “Brainwashed” all appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2021, and this time, he Embark on his music career to release this whooping track titled “Sheeple” which is here for your pleasing audience and Free MP3 Download on our platform,

Tom MacDonald’s “Sheeple” is a song that is sure to get you thinking. It’s a thought-provoking tune that talks about how society is often content to follow the pack, even if it means going against their own best interests. It’s a powerful message, and one that is sure to get you thinking about the world around you. is committed to providing you with quality content and we will always do that. Download and Listen to All the Latest Nigerian, American, South African and other songs on for free. Thanks. And don’t forget to comment on your thought in the comment box below.

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Tom MacDonald – Sheeple Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Humans been controlled since the day that they was civilized
The truth has been so heavily politicized
If you don’t know who’s controllin’ you and killin’ all the little guys
Find out who you’re not allowed to criticize
Black folks who were never ever actual slaves
Fighting with white folks who ain’t actual Nazis
Controlled by rich folks who use the news to make hate
While elite folks control all the political parties
It’s a big lie, tryna make you pick sides
Tryna make you burn the cities down and kill each other, they got sick minds
Big lies, dеfund the police so that therе’s big crime
Then take away our freedom to restore order they let die
Play with people, turn men into women
Make the counterculture mainstream to mix up the system
Change the pronouns, if gender is a spectrum, so is privilege
I know poor white folks and black celebrities with millions
They starve you wit’ a lack of information
And only give you facts through a branded corporation
Distort your worldview with an algorithm that changes
Based on propaganda curated for your engagement

We can’t be free (No!)
Can’t have no peace ’til we’re on the same team
But y’all are sheep (Oh!)
Glued to screens, just part of the machine
Y’all are sheeple, what do y’all believe?
To all my sheeple, nothing’s what it seems

[Verse 2]
Hollywood been rottin’ your brain, controllin’ your mouth
You say “Lit”, “Fleek”, “Bet”, “Cap”, they tryna dumb you down
They endorse whatever narrative is popular to shout
And use minorities in movies for diversity clout
Two sides on the spectrum, but ain’t none of ’em honest
Took the red pill and the blue pill, spit ’em both in the garbage
Bein’ woke used to mean you understood you’re a target
And now it’s havin’ two good legs and never takin’ a step forward
If you agree, it’s free speech, disagree, it’s hate speech
Erase it if it came from anywhere except the mainstream
Trump supporters labeled as the racists, but that can’t be
Lincoln was Republican, and that’s who ended slavery
Science been politicized, it’s easy to see
A mask became a symbol of which side you believe
But you’ll never cure a sickness ’til you cure all the greed
‘Cause the problem with our natural immunity is it’s free
Society is broke and want you locked inside a cubicle
Addicted to pornography, liquor, and pharmaceuticals
Tell you that you’re fat and poor and you were never beautiful
Then tweet how much they love you when they hear about your funeral

We can’t be free (No!)
Can’t have no peace ’til we’re on the same team
But y’all are sheep (Oh!)
Glued to screens, just part of the machine
Y’all are sheeple, what do y’all believe?
To all my sheeple, nothing’s what it seems

[Verse 3]
If they can’t convince you they confuse you, they want you dumb or dead
They divided you by race, religion, income, and sex
Made everybody right or left, the hatred got so intense
If the other side likes oxygen, you’ll put a bag on your head
And the conspiracy theories labeled as misinformation
It’s just the terrifying truth that scares the hell out the nation
The system treating you like trash and you got rifles to aim with
Just imagine how they’ll treat you when your guns get confiscated
George Orwell, 1984 was his last lecture
George called ’em “thought police”, now we call ’em fact-checkers
Government surveillance tryna catch you, they don’t ask questions
Mass incarceration equals capital for cash investments
The system isn’t broke, it’s workin’ fine
Oppressive and chaotic is how it was designed
They say, “If we ain’t doin’ nothin’ wrong, there’s nothin’ to hide”
While their agenda and intelligence completely classified
They don’t teach you rights in school, you never learned ’em at all
‘Cause they’re easy to remove if you don’t know what they are
The only people you can rule are the criminal ones
So they force you into corners ’til you’re breakin’ the law

We can’t be free (No!)
Can’t have no peace ’til we’re on the same team
But y’all are sheep (Oh!)
Glued to screens, just part of the machine
Y’all are sheeple, what do y’all believe?
To all my sheeple, nothing’s what it seems.


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